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Hack Your Keurig 2.0 to Save Money and Brew a Great Cup of

If you try any generic, or off-branded K-Cup, you’re out-of-luck and stuck with coffee you can’t use because the new Keurig does a digital read of the lid and can determine what type of K-Cup you’re attempting to use. But alas, there’s a way to hack your Keurig K-Cups so you can use any K-Kup on the 2.0:

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Online Sale or Coupon Code? – How to Maximize your Savings

25% off

Get Deal (13 days ago)Not all coupon codes are as good at they might appear at first glance. For example, a coupon code good for 25% off your online purchase at Jim’s Cigars.com ain’t worth much if Jim raised all his prices by 20% the day before he released the coupon to the public. Shame on you Jim, now […]

All The 26 Retailers Who'll Text You a Coupon (Like

40% off

Get Deal (10 days ago)Aeropostale. Text “JOIN” to 237687 and they’ll send you coupons for things like 40% off clearance items and $10 off $50 or $15 off $75 or more.. American Eagle Outfitters. To get coupons from AEO sent straight to your smartphone, simply text JOIN to EAGLE (32453).. Bed Bath & Beyond. The next time you’re shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond and can’t find one of their famous 20% off any

9 Things NOT Worth Waiting ‘Til Black Friday to Buy

25% off

Get Deal (14 days ago)Cost Plus World Market, for example, is selling all furniture at 25% off the original price with a coupon code. Also, JCPenney.com is having their biggest furniture sale of the year offering products at up to 50% off the original price. Both of these deals expire well before Black Friday weekend.

The 36 Best (and Coolest) Things to Buy on Amazon for


Get Deal (5 days ago)(Updated 11/29/19) It’s kinda crazy just how much stuff Amazon.com sells. So when I set out to find the coolest things that Amazon sells for under $25, it was a daunting task. But it sure was fun to sift through 1,000’s of products looking for the best of the best, both in terms of usability and positive reviews.

Printable Coupons From Rather-Be-Shopping.com

30% off

Get Deal (8 days ago)I like how I can shop by department or style. The 30% off coupon was great as it saved me $15. by Martha on 12/13/2012 10:11am

8 Awesome Ways Your Amazon Echo (and Alexa) Can Save You Money


Get Deal (5 days ago)For example, my sister-in-law recently plugged her Christmas tree into a Amazon smart plug and could tell her Echo, “Alexa, turn on (or off) the Christmas tree lights” and viola it happened. So, by using these plugs on everyday items and lights that you often forget to turn off, you can quickly save energy around the home.

7 Smart Ways Shoppers Avoid Black Friday and Still Score a


Get Deal (6 days ago)A majority of chat operators have coupons for free shipping, or a percent-off, available for those who politely ask. This is especially true around Black Friday and Cyber Monday as retailers desperately want you to complete your purchase. They’ll happily throw you a bone so you do just that. Abandon Your Virtual Cart

Spotify Vs. Amazon Music Unlimited: Which is Better and Why


Get Deal (5 days ago)In the wake of Amazon recently introducing Music Unlimited, I figured it was time to breakdown the music streaming service and see how it compares to Spotify. What do they cost? What perks does one offer that the other doesn’t? What type of music listener would benefit from each? You get the idea. Hope this comparison […]

How to Negotiate a Lower Price at These Popular Stores

15% off

Get Deal (5 days ago)I told him, “I realize the router inside is probably OK, but I am taking a bit of a risk taking this thing home. Any chance you can knock off 25% and I’ll take this trashed box off your hands?” He says he has to get a manager’s approval and within a minute he comes back and says he can give me 15% off. Easiest $20 I ever made.

The McDonald's Menu Hacks That'll Save You Money


Get Deal (10 days ago)(Updated 5/31/17) I recently noticed that McDonald’s stock is at an all-time high.They are clearly making a ton of money off our fast-food love affair, so I figured it was time to come up with some McDonald’s menu hacks that can actually save us money on our next trip to the golden arches. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these tips can definitely save you some cash.

All The Stores That'll Send Out a Coupon When You Subscribe

15% off

Get Deal (10 days ago)The good folks at Adidas will happily throw you a 15% off coupon code that you can use either online or in-store. By the way, did you know that it’s a myth that Adidas stands for “All Day I Dream About Sports”. Aeropostale

These 8 Retailers Let You Stack Coupons So You Can Double

20% off

Get Deal (5 days ago)– Example: If you have a 20% off coupon and a 40% off your highest-priced item coupon, you can use both BUT the 20% off coupon will not apply to the item that received the 40% off discount. – They also accept coupons from competitors like Joann, Hobby Lobby, and Hancock. NewEgg.com

How to Get Free Amazon Prime: 6 Smart Ways to Make it Happen


Get Deal (6 days ago)Another smart way to get free Amazon Prime is to check out Metro by T-Mobile. They recently launched a new $60/month cell phone plan that includes a free 12-month Amazon Prime membership. It’s called the $60 Unlimited High Speed plan and is available to both new and current T-Mobile customers.

8 Things You Can Do at Costco Without a Membership


Get Deal (7 days ago)Here are the cool things you can do, and buy, at Costco without a membership: Shop Via a Costco Gift Card. If you have a friend or family member who’s a current Costco member, you can have them buy you a Costco gift card which can be used to buy all items in the warehouse.. This is a great option if you’re a college student or just want to test out the savings the warehouse could provide

Amazon Coupons: Where To Find Them and How They'll Save


Get Deal (8 days ago)(Updated 5/27/19) Have you used an Amazon coupon recently to save money? If you’re like most, you probably had no idea that coupons for Amazon even existed. The majority of Amazon shoppers love the site because it’s so darn convenient, especially if you’re a Prime member.But very few will take the time to use a coupon to save even more.

Aeropostale Coupons: FREE Shipping on your $87+ online order


Get Deal (13 days ago)A great way to get Aeropostale coupons is to sign for for free text alerts. Simply text JOIN to 237687 and they'll send you new coupons and promo alerts. You'll get no more than 10 per month. If you want to cancel, just text STOP to the same number, 237687. Must be at least 13 years of age to receive text alerts from Aero.

Black Friday 2019: 9 Tricks to Hack Your Way to Amazing

$41 off

Get Deal (9 days ago)The discounts were modest but definitely noteworthy: $41 off the iPad Air and iPad 2, $21 off the iPod touch, $101 off the MacBook Air, $101 off the MacBook Pro with Retina display and $101 off the popular iMac. Just be sure to not shop at the Apple Store as deals at stores like Walmart and Best Buy will be better.

The Costco Return Policy: 7 Ways To Make It Work For You


Get Deal (5 days ago)(Updated 9/16/19) The Costco return policy is so darn good that it deserves it’s own article. So here we are today! While I’ve talked about some of the better retail return policies in the past, Costco’s policy is easily the best of them all.Here is exactly how it works and what you need to know to take full advantage.

Saks Fifth Avenue Coupons: Women's Apparel from top

55% off

Get Deal (7 days ago)Some of the more popular designers include Armani, Brian Atwood, Burberry, Chloe, Christian Louboutin, David Yurman, Dior, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Valentino, and Versace. Also check out the 'Saks Sale' page for deals up to 55% off the original price. Combine a sale item with a Saks

Learn How To Stack Coupons at Target and Save Big

20% off

Get Deal (5 days ago)A level that deserves it’s own blog post so you too can become a money saving ninja on your next trip to the red bull’s eye. If you shop at Target regularly, especially for grocery, health & beauty, and baby items, you can easily knock 20% off your annual bill by stacking Target coupons. Here are the steps to make it happen.

23 Popular Retailers that Hand out Coupons via Facebook

40% off

Get Deal (5 days ago)The folks at All Posters.com were a little late in getting back to me but sometimes tardiness pays off as they hooked me up with a 40% off coupon code. 40% off is the best coupon I have ever seen from them. Interestingly, I also contacted their partner website Art.com via Facebook messenger and I never heard back.. Birthday Express.com

Sam's Club Rolls Out Free Shipping Program to Compete with


Get Deal (23 days ago)In an attempt to revamp sales and compete with Amazon Prime, Sam’s Club is kicking off FREE shipping on almost everything. In the wake of abruptly closing 63 stores last month, Sam’s is shaking things up and trying to jump-start their online sales. Here are the details:

7 Brilliant Ways to Save Money at Subway (and Get More Chow!)


Get Deal (9 days ago)One of my favorite ways to save money at Subway, especially when dining with kiddos, is to order a footlong and have the “Sandwich Artist” customize each 6 inch portion to what my kids like. Some employees may not like doing this, but if you’re polite and not to demanding, almost all will happily oblige.

Printable Cheat Sheet: Crack the “Price Tag” Code


Get Deal (5 days ago)Printable Cheat Sheet: Crack the “Price Tag” Code. October 1, 2013 by Kyle. 19. comments. Consumer News, Tools (Updated 4/23/19) It was really nice to see the great response on my article Retailer’s Big Secret: Crack the Price Tag Code which broke down the internal pricing system used at a handful of popular national retailers. So I decided to get creative and make a printable PDF file

Petsmart Coupons: Pay ONLY $5.99 Shipping on your $60

25% off

Get Deal (5 days ago)Petsmart coupons and coupon codes keep your pets happy and healthy, saving you a lot of money in the process and often getting you free shipping and up to 25% off.

Amazon Prime Discounts: 5 Ways to Pay WAY Less Than $119/year

50% off

Get Deal (9 days ago)Amazon Prime Student offers you 50% off the regular cost of Prime and you still get free 2-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Reading, and a bunch of other cool features. Full list here. Still not sure if Prime Student is for you? No worries, take advantage of their FREE 6-month trial and you’ll know for sure once your trial expires. 5. Amazon

The 12 Things That Are Bad Buys at Costco


Get Deal (5 days ago)Diapers – When we were buying diapers, we found that when they had $5 or more off a box during certain months, the price was pretty good. We did stop buying there back when Amazon Mom was free, because when that first came out you couldn’t beat the deal, but later they made the discounts available to Prime members only, so Costco came back

Kyle, Author at Rather-Be-Shopping.com - Page 6 of 53


Get Deal (10 days ago)For example, my sister-in-law recently plugged her Christmas tree into a Amazon smart plug and could tell her Echo, “Alexa, turn on (or off) the Christmas tree lights” and viola it happened. So, by using these plugs on everyday items and lights that you often forget to turn off, you can quickly save energy around the home.

Kyle, Author at Rather-Be-Shopping.com - Page 44 of 53

20% off

Get Deal (23 days ago)– Example: If you have a 20% off coupon and a 40% off your highest-priced item coupon, you can use both BUT the 20% off coupon will not apply to the item that received the 40% off discount. – They also accept coupons from competitors like Joann, Hobby Lobby, and Hancock. NewEgg.com

How to Essentially Get a $60 Costco Membership for Free

35% off

Get Deal (5 days ago)Gift Cards: Costco has some killer deals on bulk gift cards with savings in the 25%-35% off range. The gift cards typically come in 4 or 5 packs and make for great gifts for friends, teachers, stocking stuffers, and coaches. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Kirkland EVOO rates very highly and is 15-20% cheaper than the name-brand.

Gymboree Coupons: FREE Shipping on your $75+ online order

30% off

Get Deal (14 days ago)Printable Gymboree coupons and in-store codes which are available via the Rather-Be-Shopping.com iPhone app which will save you up to 30% off your order.

11 Coupon and Savings Tools That'll Save You BIG on Black

40% off

Get Deal (6 days ago)We’re talking like up to 15% cashback at some stores, then add a coupon and you can easily save 30% to 40% off. These retailers change frequently which means you should check back often, especially around Cyber Monday and Black Friday when you might be doing a lot of online shopping. ~Sign-up for Ebates for free. ShopKick

Overstock.com Coupons: Pay Only $2.95 for Shipping on your


Get Deal (2 months ago)For example, if you are shopping for a receiver and you ONLY want a Sony you may be out of luck as their inventory is always changing. But if you just want a quality receiver and brand is not a huge issue to you then you will love this store. Especially when you can combine your order with our Overstock coupons.

Going Outlet Shopping? Insider Secrets to Save Money

50% off

Get Deal (8 days ago)Learn how to save money when outlet shopping. When's the best time to shop and what are the deals to look for and the ones to avoid. American Eagle Outfitters had a 50% off the entire store sale going on, even on clearance items. My wife bought some blouses that were regularly $45 for like $12 since they were on the clearance rack and she got an additional 50% off. I had no idea that AEO

Macy's Return Policy: Confused? Here's Exactly How It Works


Get Deal (5 days ago)The Macy's return policy is fairly liberal, but has many exceptions that are worth noting. Here's everything you need to know about the return policy at Macy's, both online and in-store.

Lowe's Credit Card: How To Make It Work For You & Save BIG


Get Deal (6 days ago)So when I read the details of the Lowe’s credit card I was intrigued. Not only does it give you a flat 5% discount at the cash register, but it offers some great financing incentives throughout the year. If you pay off your balance every month, the Lowe’s card can easily save you hundreds of dollars a year. Here are the details and some

Denny's Coupons: Sign Up to receive Denny's coupons in


Get Deal (1 months ago)Savings Tips for Denny's In order to take advantage of our printable Denny's coupons just click on the offer you want to redeem then print out the coupon form home. Next time you dine at a Denny's restaurant just give the coupon to the waitress before you are brought the final bill and you'll get your discount.

The Wendy's Secret Menu Will Make You Crave a Square Burger


Get Deal (8 days ago)(Updated 7/15/19) The Wendy’s secret menu is a very interesting one. While it’s not incredibly long and diverse, the burgers on it pack quite the punch in terms of size and flavor. The next time you step into your local Wendy’s consider one of these secret menu items and you just might be in for a tasty square burger surprise.

Are Costco Tires Cheaper? Here's How Costco Prices Stack Up


Get Deal (6 days ago)– Tire Damaged from Certain Situations: These situations include an accident, vandalism, racing, commercial use, off-road use, snow chains, and worn mechanical components. – Tire Transferred from Another Vehicle – Only the car which the tire was originally installed on is eligible.

Credit Card Hack: How to Score an Easy $50 from Bank of


Get Deal (8 days ago)Have No Balance on the Card – Before you call to claim your $50, be sure you pay off your balance in full. Be Patient – Bank of America is going to pass you off at least once before they get you to the “cancel/retention” department.

70+ Senior Discounts for Older (and Wiser) Folks

15% off

Get Deal (9 days ago)Restaurant Discounts for Seniors. Applebee’s: Many locations will offer those 55+ anything from 5% to 15% off your bill total.Just ask about it when dining. Ben & Jerry’s: If you can show proof of being over 60 they will give you 10% off your order.. Boston Market: You have to be a little older at Boston Market to get a deal. 65 is the magic age to get 10% off your meal.

Forgot your Coupon? These Retailers Still Got your Back

50% off

Get Deal (7 days ago)Typically good for 40% or 50% off any 1 item and occasionally good for 25% off your entire purchase. On the rare occasion that she forgets to bring in a coupon, or doesn’t have one on her smartphone, she’ll politely ask the checkout clerk if they might have a coupon she can use.

Kyle, Author at Rather-Be-Shopping.com - Page 21 of 53

60% off

Get Deal (15 days ago)Aside from Cyber Monday, perhaps the best time to score a deal on clothing and shoes is the day after Christmas. Last year we saw up to 60% off at American Eagle, 40% off at Banana Republic and Gap, and 50% off at J.Crew and Lands’ End. These deals were both online and in-store.

Apple Store Coupons: iPhone 6s starting at just $49 + Free

25% off

Get Deal (8 days ago)Also, be sure to check out the Clearance & Refurbished page of their site (linked above), to score a great deal on a "good as new" iPad, iPod, or MacBook. Savings is often in the 15%-25% off range and all items undergo a rigorous refurbishment process and come with their standard 1-year limited warranty. A really smart way to save money on a

The 29 Retailers Who Actually Share Coupons on Facebook

10% off

Get Deal (6 days ago)The 6PM Facebook page is an excellent source for saving money when buying shoes and apparel online.. They often share exclusive coupon codes like the above example for 10% off your entire order for the first 30,000 uses or until the end of the day.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review (Is It a Cord Cutters Dream or


Get Deal (5 days ago)What Exactly is the Amazon Fire TV Stick? The Amazon Fire Stick ($39.99) is a streaming media stick that you plug directly into your TV via a HDMI port.. Once you have it plugged in, your TV becomes a highly connected device with instant access to streaming services for movies, music, sports, and even games.

Sharper Image.com Coupons: FREE Shipping on your $75

$15 off

Get Deal (21 days ago)Sharper Image coupons and coupon codes are updated weekly for free shipping, as well as coupons like $15 off your $99+ order.

Abandon Shopping Cart: 17 Online Retailers Who’ll Bait You

10% off

Get Deal (6 days ago)~ So 10DollarMall.com, which specializes in “cheap clothing” for men, kids, and women, their words not mine, will send out an email with a 10% off coupon code (I have heard they’ll also send out a 20% code as well on occasion) when you abandon your virtual shopping cart.. Definitely worth a shot, especially if you can’t find a coupon elsewhere.

Vera Bradley Coupons: Great Gift Ideas at Vera Bradley

25% off

Get Deal (5 days ago)Vera Bradley coupons and Vera promotional codes will occasionally save you 25% off designer luggage, purses, totes, and handbags.

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